Friday, 22 May 2015

Lemon chicken and almond noodle surprise

It’s been a while since my last post, I do apologise!

I’m sure you’ll all want to know the result of the Broke Masterchef competition – our team “Dim sham and Impasta” won the prize for the most creative dish! We were up against four other teams, and we had a limited amount of ingredients to choose from at the beginning. We chose noodles, chicken, a lemon, rocket and cheddar cheese, and we were given the surprise ingredient almonds. We valiantly named our invention ‘lemon chicken with almond noodle surprise’ (the surprise was cheese!)

It doesn’t sound very tasty (and doesn’t look all that, either), but we have since recreated it at home and it’s actually rather delicious! If you’d like to try it for yourself: For the lemon chicken, cook it as you normally would with some chicken and a lemon, making sure the sauce is constantly drizzled over the chicken as it cooks. For the almond noodle surprise, firstly shave the almonds (lots of these), finely chop up the rocket and grate an incredibly modest amount of cheese (VERY modest). Using a hob that works properly (our main downfall), cook the noodles along with these ingredients, and then serve as you please! Also, make sure to use garlic in both parts of the dish.

Everyone who participated and spectated thoroughly enjoyed Broke Masterchef, and even though it was a one-off, I’m sure there will be plenty of other interesting activities to get involved in. My advice would be just get involved with as much as you have time for, because you will find that many more doors will open for other opportunities along the way.

Soon after the competition, deadlines arose for about half of the year’s coursework (beginning of April). There was a huge patchwork assignment, which included evaluation of theories, data analysis, empirical analysis, and two essays (one for each macro and micro), and is about 6000 words, although it would be easier to write closer to 8000 or more as there is so much to cover!

There was also a portfolio for PPIBE (Professional Practise in International Business and Economics) which included a reflective report on ‘employability’ for the term, a literature review, and a dissertation presentation and proposal. The word count for that one is around 2500.

The third piece of coursework due in around the beginning of April was a group project for Quantitative Methods for Economists 2. This involved heavy use of STATA software, but most of the time we spent on the project was on presenting the results, doing the maths ourselves to prove we knew how the software worked, writing up minutes for each fortnightly meeting we had since the beginning of the year, and formatting the whole document to make it easy to read. Our project ended up being over 30 pages.

Straight after these were due, the exam revision period began, and we had a couple of weeks before our first exam. We then had two more exams, and all three lasted for 3 hours. I can’t say much about the content of these, but I would strongly recommend looking at the past papers, practising with them and the tutorial exercises, and asking your tutor for assistance in the days running up to the exam.

Now, I am fully focused on organising the Rethinking Economics Annual Conference, which is likely to be the focus of my next blog post. For those of you who still have exams, good luck! For everyone else, its summer, and if the sun is out, why aren’t you?


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